Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Is it just me or is it seeming more and more like Halloween turns into Christmas? Am I the only one that find it unreasonable to be in a store on November 1st and hear Christmas carols? Wouldn't it at least be more decent to wait until after Remembrance Day? I guess there just aren't enough consumer tie-ins with people giving their lives. This rant is clearly outdated as it is now almost December 1st and Christmas carols are more than acceptable. I've even started my shopping now.

I only point out this quick transition as a way of distracting from my dismal record this month which I blame on Halloween candy, late nights working on terrible papers, and the gym being closed for three weeks for maintenance (okay just the pool but I took it as a three week pass nonetheless). I haven't done the measurements but given lack of much activity other than yoga I imagine they are about the same. I'm down another 5lbs for a grand total of 47 since baby which wouldn't be bad except that I'm also getting over the flu so it may mean I'm really about the same. I'm going to count them anyway because that will make me work harder to keep 'em off over Christmas.

The pool is up and running, my last class is on the 1st and I'm not even going to start baking for another two weeks so I'm thinking this month should let me shed a few more. A return to work is creeping ever closer and I'm determined to be ready for work-clothes shopping, Christmas or not.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Nine Months

This month's update is short and sweet (kind of like you).

Here are some highlights of what you've been up to this month:

We found out tonight that you are 14lbs, 14oz when you took your flu shot like a trooper.

You'll still crawl to get from point A to point B, but if you can walk instead, you will. Not that you're walking independently, just that if there is furniture around to be used, you will use it. One of your favourite things to do is crawl into the bathroom to use the tub to stand up (especially if Hunter is trying to have a bath). You're also a fan of crawling over to Hunter's bunk and using it to stand up. Or his toy bins. Or the couch. Or the chairs around the table.

The one thing you don't seem to have much interest in using is that transitioning walking/car toy I bought you. Hunter quite likes it though, so he's been encouraging you whenever he can (and riding it over you occasionally).

Speaking of Hunter, you two are quite the team. Most mornings you'll play in Hunter's room together for an hour or so uninterrupted. This time is precious. It means I can get some much needed stuff done around the house (or just zone out in front of the television or with a good book for an hour).

One of your favourite games to play with Hunter is peak (or hide and seek). He seems to think that if he hides under a blanket you'll never be able to find him, but you're onto him.

As for you and I, we are still trying to take Yoga together. I say trying because it is getting more interesting all the time. While you used to relax on the mat while I attempted all sorts of poses around you, you are now more interested in sneaking off to see the other babies. Or more accurately, their toys, food and soothers (not that you'll take your own soother anymore). See also, Fun with Julia post on this exact topic posted earlier.

You and Dad are having lots of opportunities to bond with my various classes. You're definitely still a Mum's girl but you and Dad are getting closer all the time. I don't think any of us can compete with Hunter, though: you are that boys biggest fan right now (and he yours). I'm going to remind both of you of this in a couple of years when you are inevitably fighting non stop.

Love you babe.

A New High (or Low)

Posts have been scant this past week and a bit as I have been in the midst of finishing up a terribly boring paper on equalization. Many of you have no doubt heard me complain about it so I won't get into that now. I've been complaining a lot even though I'm entirely responsible for my situation - I took the class, I chose the topic, I procrastinated. Last night as I was working away on my paper, I took procrastination to a whole new level when I looked it up on wikipdia. In case your anxiety, perfectionism, or other such disorder are inducing you to avoid completing tasks: here's what wikipedia has to say on the matter. I wonder what people did before internet?

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Jason: Ugh, it's snowing outside. Guess I should have put the lights up yesterday. I know it's November but this sucks.

Hunter: Wow!!! There's snow on the trees, on the trees, Mum!!! Oh, but there isn't much on the ground yet. Can I go out and play in it after breakfast?? Please, Mum, please??

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fun With Julia

Yoga with Julia has become a whole new experience as she is increasingly mobile. In the last few weeks she has taken to crawling over to other babies and stealing their toys, snacks, soothers, bottles, you name it. Not because I haven't brought those things with me because I have, she just seems to find them more enjoyable when they belong to someone else. She won't even use her own sucky anymore but if there is one that belongs to another baby she's all over it. She also can't seem to resist using the ball to pull herself up, the blocks to balance on, and chairs for pushing around. There is no "engaging baby" anymore, it's more like chasing baby or trying to concentrate as she roams all over leaving a path of destruction. I'm starting to think a better approach might be to take a non baby and mom class and see how she manages at the day care. Crazy girl.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bye "Tee"

This has been a tough year for pets in our house. Shortly after Julia was born, our 13 year old cat, Meowser, died. Today, we had to put McPurr down. He was suffering from kidney failure. Given that he was ten years old, there was only a small chance that he would survive the surgery. If we didn't put him down, it was unlikely that he would make the night (and his last few hours would be incredibly painful).

He really hasn't been the same since Meowser died. We knew it was only a matter of time, but it still seemed to come on fast. Last night, he was checking out trick or treaters at the door. He was letting Julia follow him around in her pig costume ("tee", slobber, "hee hee", "tee").
This morning, we awoke to high-pitched meows (much louder and more desperate sounding than the usual excessive meowing). We tried to make him as comfortable as possible (though Julia did give "tee" a few last fur-pulls). We said our good-byes knowing that there was a good chance Jason wasn't going to be bringing him home from the Vet.

The house is much quieter without him. We will miss him (despite our complaints). I mean, what other cat would let four-year old boys cover him with potato chips while he slept?