Sunday, March 30, 2008

Don't Judge Me!

Being the mother of a sponge means that I should probably reassess some of my commonly used expressions. I should probably consider the implications and messages of my words. Especially in front of the boy. He picks up everything (well not his toys but you get the idea). Obviously, I have not been applying enough thought to the meaning of my words. My intent is harmless but hearing them come out a five year old's mouth causes me to pause.

I wonder what Hunter's teachers will infer if they hear him tell a classmate (s)he's driving him to drink?

When my Mum was visiting, Hunter took a look at a candy toy my Mum had brought for him and asked "How the hell do you open this thing?" This one I can't take credit for but it is a good example of how he picks up everything (in a short period of time, like say during a visit from a Grandparent).

Last week, Jason and I were talking about Julia's newish musical elephant as I was getting ready for work. The conversation went something like this:
C: She really likes that thing.*
J: Yeah, she does.
C: It's not that bad either. Some of those things are so awful you find yourself wishing for death as you listen to them (altered voice) "Please kill me"
H: Yeah I hate those toys that say "please kill me". Busts into laughter.
J&C: Dumbfounded and trying not laugh.
C: Uh, I have to get to work - can you fix all my parenting mistakes while I'm out?

* It's a singing elephant that takes batteries. Jason and I have a bad habit (or maybe a good habit) of letting the batteries for electronic toys run out because neither of us have much love for them. We never buy them - we like to pretend it's because we're encouraging imaginative play but in reality it probably has more to do with us not being able to hear the stereo or TV with these things playing. Yes, we know, we're horrible, horrible parents.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I find I'm often disappointed with the level of provincial political analysis in the blogworld (not to mention the lack of analysis in print media). Maybe I just haven't found the perfect provincial political blog yet (you know the one where the person is writing stuff I consistently agree with). Most of what I've found is quite obviously partisan, which is okay if that's what you're looking for, but I just want the issues deconstructed with an eye to good public policy. Funny and thought provoking would be good too. Where is Saskatchewan's answer to Rick Mercer? Okay, maybe Rick Mercer is a bad example but he does tend to make me smile...

Monday, March 24, 2008


Hello - is it me your looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile. That's all I know of that Lionel Richie song (thankfully) and I don't know why it's in my head but there it is. Blast you Lionel Richie for your awful, awful songs invading popular culture (not to mention your off-spring).

Anyway, I thought I would write a quick note to say that yes, I am still alive. Life has been busy. I'm writing a riveting paper that involves analysing five years worth of provincial auditor's reports for three different provinces to identify trends. Yeah, it's an exciting topic, I'm not going to lie. Work has been crazy busy and I'm starting a new job in two weeks which would normally mean I can begin to wind down at my current one but the situation at work is such that there is way too much work to be able to withdraw in any manner without feeling more guilt than I've already been feeling about leaving (though to be honest taking a vacation day or two is beyond appealing at the moment). The new job will be good though (and probably equally busy).

The kids are doing fabulous. I'm working on a post about Hunter that will exemplify my tremendous parenting but that will be another day (here's a teaser - it involves him repeating innappropriate things I say about annoying toys). Julia has been going through some amazing changes - she is really starting to verbalize (FYI - I've decided to stretch out the letters to one every two months). She is starting to love her babies - kissing them, asking you to kiss them, and saying "uh oh" when they fall. The other day she babbled something that sounded like "I love you" which any parent knows is the best phrase in the world. Speaking of awesome phrases, Hunter has been throwing around "your the best mum in the whole world" a lot lately and even though he may just be sucking up, I'll take it.

Easter was lots of fun. Hunter isn't crazy about candy but Julia is so even though Hunter is a at perfect age for hunting for the candy, Julia was in on the action in a big way sniffing out chocolate and eating what she could find (wrappers or not). The bunny also foolishly brought her some baby markers and so I'll soon be posting some pictures of the results of that on the other blog. Anyway, more to come in a few days when my paper is handed in - I just thought I would check in and say hi (say hi back).

(In case you haven't noticed I tend to really overuse parenthesis).

Monday, March 10, 2008

Only One Sleep

At Christmas, my Mum told Hunter she would be coming for a visit in a couple of months. For future reference, notice should be given only to the adults as Hunter has been on a bit of a countdown ever since. Last week, Jason picked himself up a new pair of leather slippers. Because I had made the mistake of mentioning the upcoming visit (read: threatening Hunter that if he didn't clean his room Grandma wouldn't be able to visit), Hunter knew the visit was getting closer. Upon spotting unfamiliar slippers in the bathroom when he awoke, Hunter came running into our room half asleep "can I wake Grandma up now so we can play?" He didn't receive the news that she wasn't really here very well at all so the next half hour was spent calming a crying, angry, and still half-asleep boy. By 7am, he had settled down nicely but woken Julia in the process. My snooze button would not be pushed beyond its limit that day. Fast forward a week - his room is messy again and Grandma will be here tomorrow anyway. Hunter will be a mass of excitement all day tomorrow so I'm feeling slightly sympathetic that Jason will have to manage his hourly inquiries as to just when she will get here. I've already warned him to make sure that Hunter doesn't knock her over at the airport. My sympathy for Jason having to field the hourly inquiries is measured by my jealousy that I won't be there to see him light up when she arrives.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I know, I know, I shouldn't post about work. So instead I thought I would do a little vocabulary building. Infer what you will.

lan·guish (lāng'gwĭsh)

  • To be or become weak or feeble; lose strength or vigor.
  • To exist or continue in miserable or disheartening conditions: languished away in prison.
  • To remain unattended or be neglected: legislation that continued to languish in committee.
  • To become downcast or pine away in longing: languish apart from friends and family; languish for a change from dull routine.
Maybe I should do some self-analysis. Nah, more vocabulary building. Again, infer what you will.

dra·mat·ic (drə-māt'ĭk)

  • Of or relating to drama or the theater.
  • Characterized by or expressive of the action or emotion associated with drama or the theatre: a dramatic rescue at sea.
  • Arresting or forceful in appearance or effect: a dramatic sunset.
  • Music Having a powerful, expressive singing voice: a dramatic tenor.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Hunter, your five year update is a bit late so your Dad has suggested I title it 1831 because that's how many days old you are - you know, roughly speaking and not accounting for fractions. I'm accounting for the lack of precision because you like to be accurate and, well, precise. This update is late because I've really been struggling with what to write. You'll learn (if you haven't already noticed) that when Mummy really wants to get something right what I often do is not do it at all or leave it until it's really late and do it poorly (because I can live with it if I rushed it). I hope this doesn't rub off on you (though I'm just going to say for the record that only good personality traits are inherited from your mum, okay?).
Hunter, I looked back and read your four year old update the other day and I am amazed at how much has changed in such a relatively short period of time. For you it doesn't seem short at all because it's 20 percent of your life but in the scheme of things it's a short period of time and you've changed immensely. Your little face isn't so little anymore. You've grown so much- you're the tallest kid in your class, your feet are too big for the cute little toddler shoes or the cool shark rubber boots, and you wear a size five (and not just a 5T anymore but a real five). You're getting so strong too - you can pull yourself quite far up the rope at gymnastics, you can do the backwards somersault on the incline, you can swim/float on your front or back for the five second count, and you can tickle me into submission (which is not cool by the way).
The part of you that hasn't changed, though, is your incredible heart. You are an amazing being and I constantly feel blessed to have you in my life. You give me faith that there is something greater in this world. You bring me tremendous joy and I can only hope that we are able to give you a fraction of what you give us every day.
Love you Little Man,
Love Mum (and Dad)