Sunday, March 30, 2008

Don't Judge Me!

Being the mother of a sponge means that I should probably reassess some of my commonly used expressions. I should probably consider the implications and messages of my words. Especially in front of the boy. He picks up everything (well not his toys but you get the idea). Obviously, I have not been applying enough thought to the meaning of my words. My intent is harmless but hearing them come out a five year old's mouth causes me to pause.

I wonder what Hunter's teachers will infer if they hear him tell a classmate (s)he's driving him to drink?

When my Mum was visiting, Hunter took a look at a candy toy my Mum had brought for him and asked "How the hell do you open this thing?" This one I can't take credit for but it is a good example of how he picks up everything (in a short period of time, like say during a visit from a Grandparent).

Last week, Jason and I were talking about Julia's newish musical elephant as I was getting ready for work. The conversation went something like this:
C: She really likes that thing.*
J: Yeah, she does.
C: It's not that bad either. Some of those things are so awful you find yourself wishing for death as you listen to them (altered voice) "Please kill me"
H: Yeah I hate those toys that say "please kill me". Busts into laughter.
J&C: Dumbfounded and trying not laugh.
C: Uh, I have to get to work - can you fix all my parenting mistakes while I'm out?

* It's a singing elephant that takes batteries. Jason and I have a bad habit (or maybe a good habit) of letting the batteries for electronic toys run out because neither of us have much love for them. We never buy them - we like to pretend it's because we're encouraging imaginative play but in reality it probably has more to do with us not being able to hear the stereo or TV with these things playing. Yes, we know, we're horrible, horrible parents.


Winter said...

I just spit out my diet 7up all over my laptop.

Cammy said...

Good, I owed you one! I've been sharing the CD Howe bathroom graffiti around the office as well as the Arlette stuff.