Monday, March 24, 2008


Hello - is it me your looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile. That's all I know of that Lionel Richie song (thankfully) and I don't know why it's in my head but there it is. Blast you Lionel Richie for your awful, awful songs invading popular culture (not to mention your off-spring).

Anyway, I thought I would write a quick note to say that yes, I am still alive. Life has been busy. I'm writing a riveting paper that involves analysing five years worth of provincial auditor's reports for three different provinces to identify trends. Yeah, it's an exciting topic, I'm not going to lie. Work has been crazy busy and I'm starting a new job in two weeks which would normally mean I can begin to wind down at my current one but the situation at work is such that there is way too much work to be able to withdraw in any manner without feeling more guilt than I've already been feeling about leaving (though to be honest taking a vacation day or two is beyond appealing at the moment). The new job will be good though (and probably equally busy).

The kids are doing fabulous. I'm working on a post about Hunter that will exemplify my tremendous parenting but that will be another day (here's a teaser - it involves him repeating innappropriate things I say about annoying toys). Julia has been going through some amazing changes - she is really starting to verbalize (FYI - I've decided to stretch out the letters to one every two months). She is starting to love her babies - kissing them, asking you to kiss them, and saying "uh oh" when they fall. The other day she babbled something that sounded like "I love you" which any parent knows is the best phrase in the world. Speaking of awesome phrases, Hunter has been throwing around "your the best mum in the whole world" a lot lately and even though he may just be sucking up, I'll take it.

Easter was lots of fun. Hunter isn't crazy about candy but Julia is so even though Hunter is a at perfect age for hunting for the candy, Julia was in on the action in a big way sniffing out chocolate and eating what she could find (wrappers or not). The bunny also foolishly brought her some baby markers and so I'll soon be posting some pictures of the results of that on the other blog. Anyway, more to come in a few days when my paper is handed in - I just thought I would check in and say hi (say hi back).

(In case you haven't noticed I tend to really overuse parenthesis).

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Mamma Schmoo said...

Good to finally hear from ya!! :)

Glad to hear that all things Easter were good. Congrats on the new job. Eventually we will have time to talk again and you can tell me what it is lol!

Will be super busy this week though I am hoping to get in at least one blog....will see though!

(In case you haven't notice I tend to overuse exclamation points.....!!!! and periods....) :D