Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meme 3

21. Can you watch scary movies alone? Yes and it's a good thing too because I'm probably one of the most annoying people to watch a scary movie with. I have a really hard time suspending belief and keeping my comments to myself.

22. Would you rather stay home all day or be out and about? Depends on the day - I think mostly I'm introverted but I have my moments where I'd almost anything to get out.

23. Do you like to keep the peace or be confrontational? I like to keep the peace but I'm also argumentative. I mostly enjoy being around people with whom I can have a good argument but they always end peacefully (almost).

24. Are you more likely to be with a large group of people or a few close friends? A few close friends.

25. Where would you like to live? I like it here, but I would also like to live in a small mountain town - there just aren't a lot of policy-type jobs in those towns (at least not that I've found)...

26. What is your ideal profession? I'm happy as long as I'm challenged intellectually. I'm pretty content right now.

27. What is one fear that you have? I don't think I have any really irrational fears - mascots make me uncomfortable but I can be around them (I just don't like to be).

28. Are you good in math? Relatively.

29. What's stashed under your bed? Probably dust bunnies - we really need to get our furnace ducts cleaned.

30. Is there anyone you ever regret meeting? Probably but I figure every experience good or bad sums up to where I am now and I'm pretty okay with where I am now.

Meme Part 2

11. Do you know anyone with the same name as you? Not really. I know a few with variations (or at least I used to) - I used to work with a Kamelia. Prince Charles' wife's name is spelled the same way as mine but pronounced differently same with Camilla Scott. Mine rhymes with Pamela but is spelled like Camilla. As for my short name, the one that I go by, I don't know anyone but there was a cashier at IGA once named Kami, there are some anime characters named Cammy, and there was a girl named Cammy in a John Candy movie. See these are the things you notice when you don't have a common name.

12. What do you smell like? I don't know. I hope not bad.

13. What's your favorite month? I don't know, I like Christmas but only from the 24th on so probably not December. I like warm weather so July and August are good. I like the fall, Thanksgiving, and Halloween so October probably takes it for me though.

14. Do people ever misspell your name? Always and they mispronouce it or just flat out call me Tammy (which is among the most annoying things in the world). I had been meaning to do a whole post about this one day I just didn't get around to it. You should see some of the variations on my last name...

15. Are you a mean person? I hope not. Sometimes I might be a bit too blunt but not usually.

16. What was the last sporting event that you watched? I am watching a Bluejays game right now.

17. When you're home alone, do you still close the door when you shower? Yes because it keeps the warmth in.

18. Has a friendship ended recently that you wish hadn't? No.

19. You win the $100 million power ball lottery - what do you do? Good question since I'm not American...

20. Are you a beach person or a snowy mountain person? I like the heat but I love the mountains. I feel at peace when I'm in the mountains and I'm not a fan of the smell of the ocean so I'm going to have to go with snowy mountain.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meme Part 1

This Meme has one hundred questions so I'm going to answer it over ten posts. I can't guarantee that they'll be consecutive posts but I'll do my best.

1. What was the last hot thing you touched? A cake pan. Today's Jason's birthday so it was yesterday when I baked his cake (Happy Birthday!).

2. Do you have an eating disorder? Would it be wrong of me to answer this with I wish!? Okay, okay, I know it would. I seriously do not have the discipline to have an eating disorder. Not that that (having the discipline to have an eating disorder) would be a good thing, don't get me wrong.

3. As a child, did you ever take swimming lessons? Yes, I loved swimming - still do.

4. What was the last movie you watched in the theatre? I love that almost every parent (with young children) that I know answered this with either a kids movie or a "theatre? this concept is foreign to me" type response. I believe the last movie I saw in the theatre was Ratatouille.

5. Do you have siblings? I bet the crafters of these questions didn't expect that it could be a difficult question. I had a brother, he is deceased.

6. Ever had braces? Although you would never know it, I did. Apparently the roots of my teeth are shallow so they didn't really do that much good. Either that or the fact that I used to loosen the wires when I was a kid and never wore my retainer means that my parents spent ridiculous amounts of money unnecessarily. Who knows, maybe my teeth would be really awful if I'd never had them.

7. When was the last time you kissed the last person you kissed? Maybe ten minutes ago.

8. What are two things you get made fun of a lot for? Hmm a few things come to mind but I'm just going to pick one - my general goofiness.

9. How old are your brothers and sisters? My brother would be 35 if he was alive. He was 21 when he died.

10. What was your favorite movie as a child? I think my Mum would say it was Clash of the Titans. It's really really bad now but I remember thinking it was the coolest thing ever when we were renting it a million times.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I keep imagining a moment where I'm inspired to blog regularly again. I've got a list of new links for when I update my sidebar and I'm contemplating colour scheme. It just seems a little unnecessary when the content is non existent. Sigh. There is a meme I'm going to do... Thankfully there are always memes.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Happy 14 Months

Dear Julia:

I just want to capture a few of the wonderful things you've been doing these last couple months. In the near future I plan to post some videos capturing you in all your wonder but in the meantime, here is a quick run down:
Walking! Sometimes even without the orthopaedic shoes!

Climbing - dangerous but fun. One of your favourite things to do at the moment is to climb onto the couch and peer our the window and knock on it if Hunter's outside playing. If everyone is inside sometimes you'll peer out the window but other times you'll hide behind the couch cushions.

Peek a Boo! When we ask "Where's Julia?" you quickly cover your eyes and then uncover them with the biggest grin imaginable.

That's my tummy. Another favourite is to give your tummy a big slap when we ask where it is (you grin while doing this too).

Beat up Hunter. There really should be nothing adorable about you attacking your brother but I think it's that grin. That grin makes it cute even when it shouldn't be (though, to be fair he dishes it out pretty good too).

Playing with buttons - the microwave, the remote, the television, the stereo, you get the idea.

Some oldies but still goodies are:

Crinkling your nose and grinning when you're up to no good.

Blowing farts on tummies (or arms, or faces, or legs, or whatever will make that sound that makes you laugh).

Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh. Not just when you drop stuff but sometimes just 'cause you can make a cool beat.

Babas, babas, babas! This is your word for bananas and you're still pretty obsessive about them.

Kissing the babies. Hugging the babies. Kissing the dinosaurs, hugging the dinosaurs.

You still occasionally drop to the floor and drag that one leg.

Devil horns finger sucking.

Just general mahem.

Crazy Mazy, we love you forever, we like you for always, as long as we're living our baby you'll be.

Love Mum, Dad, and Hunter xoxoxo

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dear Reader

I'm tired because I'm learning. I'm learning because I started a new job yesterday. I started a new job yesterday because I was feeling a bit too comfortable in my old one and took that as a sign that it was probably time for me to move on, challenge myself, and develop some new skills. So far, I love the new job. I'm sure I'm in a bit of a honeymoon phase but as of right now I find it really interesting and I really like my colleagues and my boss.

The other new thing I'm doing right now, is taking a running class. I've tried running off and on for years. Usually I'll get to about 20 minutes of continuous running then give up when I feel like I'm not getting so I can run any longer than that. Apparently the problem is that I'd not been working on endurance. I'm on week two and we're doing 15 minutes so I'm not up to my usual wall level yet but it's feeling good.

As for the family - everyone is well. I think the kids are really thriving with Jason being home and I think he is adjusting well to being home now too. He's much more social than I am so they are getting out and doing more stuff to everyone's benefit.

Last week, we bought Julia some new orthopaedic shoes as we're still waiting for a call from the specialist. The shoes seem to be helping: she is actually walking across the room at times using both feet instead of walking with one foot and kneeling/dragging the other. She can only do it wearing the shoes so she is wearing them for most of her waking hours. She is quite proud of her progress (and so are we).

Hunter has been his usual content self. He has quit complaining about the never-ending winter and has started climbing his tree again lately. He still won't admit that it's spring because there are no buds on the trees but I think he's starting to come around now that there has been a robin in his tree and the geese are returning to the park. They're planting seeds at school already and I'm looking forward to starting our own garden (we're hearing 19 above this weekend!).

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Turn down the Suck

This whole working, going to school, being a parent thing is really starting to cut in to my blogging time. Not only do I find I have less time to sit down and come up with anything worth reading, I also find I actually have less time to read some of my favourite blogs. Don't get me wrong, I am still finding creative ways to slack. Anyway, I thought I would provide a kickass link in case you're needing someone to enable your own slacking. Enjoy.