Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dear Reader

I'm tired because I'm learning. I'm learning because I started a new job yesterday. I started a new job yesterday because I was feeling a bit too comfortable in my old one and took that as a sign that it was probably time for me to move on, challenge myself, and develop some new skills. So far, I love the new job. I'm sure I'm in a bit of a honeymoon phase but as of right now I find it really interesting and I really like my colleagues and my boss.

The other new thing I'm doing right now, is taking a running class. I've tried running off and on for years. Usually I'll get to about 20 minutes of continuous running then give up when I feel like I'm not getting so I can run any longer than that. Apparently the problem is that I'd not been working on endurance. I'm on week two and we're doing 15 minutes so I'm not up to my usual wall level yet but it's feeling good.

As for the family - everyone is well. I think the kids are really thriving with Jason being home and I think he is adjusting well to being home now too. He's much more social than I am so they are getting out and doing more stuff to everyone's benefit.

Last week, we bought Julia some new orthopaedic shoes as we're still waiting for a call from the specialist. The shoes seem to be helping: she is actually walking across the room at times using both feet instead of walking with one foot and kneeling/dragging the other. She can only do it wearing the shoes so she is wearing them for most of her waking hours. She is quite proud of her progress (and so are we).

Hunter has been his usual content self. He has quit complaining about the never-ending winter and has started climbing his tree again lately. He still won't admit that it's spring because there are no buds on the trees but I think he's starting to come around now that there has been a robin in his tree and the geese are returning to the park. They're planting seeds at school already and I'm looking forward to starting our own garden (we're hearing 19 above this weekend!).

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Mamma Schmoo said...

yay for Julia!!!

I wish that my key for work didn't work....because then I wouldn't have to go. I am just pissed because I didn't get a raise. boo hoo for me! Glad to hear that you are enjoying both your new job and the running. I have discovered that I kinda-sorta like to walk, especially around some sort of Disney themed place.