Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Happy 14 Months

Dear Julia:

I just want to capture a few of the wonderful things you've been doing these last couple months. In the near future I plan to post some videos capturing you in all your wonder but in the meantime, here is a quick run down:
Walking! Sometimes even without the orthopaedic shoes!

Climbing - dangerous but fun. One of your favourite things to do at the moment is to climb onto the couch and peer our the window and knock on it if Hunter's outside playing. If everyone is inside sometimes you'll peer out the window but other times you'll hide behind the couch cushions.

Peek a Boo! When we ask "Where's Julia?" you quickly cover your eyes and then uncover them with the biggest grin imaginable.

That's my tummy. Another favourite is to give your tummy a big slap when we ask where it is (you grin while doing this too).

Beat up Hunter. There really should be nothing adorable about you attacking your brother but I think it's that grin. That grin makes it cute even when it shouldn't be (though, to be fair he dishes it out pretty good too).

Playing with buttons - the microwave, the remote, the television, the stereo, you get the idea.

Some oldies but still goodies are:

Crinkling your nose and grinning when you're up to no good.

Blowing farts on tummies (or arms, or faces, or legs, or whatever will make that sound that makes you laugh).

Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh. Not just when you drop stuff but sometimes just 'cause you can make a cool beat.

Babas, babas, babas! This is your word for bananas and you're still pretty obsessive about them.

Kissing the babies. Hugging the babies. Kissing the dinosaurs, hugging the dinosaurs.

You still occasionally drop to the floor and drag that one leg.

Devil horns finger sucking.

Just general mahem.

Crazy Mazy, we love you forever, we like you for always, as long as we're living our baby you'll be.

Love Mum, Dad, and Hunter xoxoxo

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