Monday, March 10, 2008

Only One Sleep

At Christmas, my Mum told Hunter she would be coming for a visit in a couple of months. For future reference, notice should be given only to the adults as Hunter has been on a bit of a countdown ever since. Last week, Jason picked himself up a new pair of leather slippers. Because I had made the mistake of mentioning the upcoming visit (read: threatening Hunter that if he didn't clean his room Grandma wouldn't be able to visit), Hunter knew the visit was getting closer. Upon spotting unfamiliar slippers in the bathroom when he awoke, Hunter came running into our room half asleep "can I wake Grandma up now so we can play?" He didn't receive the news that she wasn't really here very well at all so the next half hour was spent calming a crying, angry, and still half-asleep boy. By 7am, he had settled down nicely but woken Julia in the process. My snooze button would not be pushed beyond its limit that day. Fast forward a week - his room is messy again and Grandma will be here tomorrow anyway. Hunter will be a mass of excitement all day tomorrow so I'm feeling slightly sympathetic that Jason will have to manage his hourly inquiries as to just when she will get here. I've already warned him to make sure that Hunter doesn't knock her over at the airport. My sympathy for Jason having to field the hourly inquiries is measured by my jealousy that I won't be there to see him light up when she arrives.


Mamma Schmoo said...

I have learned that kids are way too smart to threaten re: clean your room or else. I have been holding the Disneyland trip over my isn't working. Just like a trip to pick up Grandma from the airport is inevitable so is going to Disneyland.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who is more excited. Grandma or Hunter? Hunter is probably the more verbal in showing it of the two.



Cammy said...

People are still reading! This may just renew my interest in this thing as apparently I'm an ego-maniac :).
Mamma schmoo - The funny thing is I always give Jason grief about follow-through saying things like if you're not prepared to do what you're saying don't say anything at all and yet I'm totally guilty of it myself. I'm deeply flawed but then you already know that and you love me anyway :)
Dad - I wish you were coming too. You wouldn't believe how much Julia is changing (and I suspect you're her favourite). Love you.