Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Is it just me or is it seeming more and more like Halloween turns into Christmas? Am I the only one that find it unreasonable to be in a store on November 1st and hear Christmas carols? Wouldn't it at least be more decent to wait until after Remembrance Day? I guess there just aren't enough consumer tie-ins with people giving their lives. This rant is clearly outdated as it is now almost December 1st and Christmas carols are more than acceptable. I've even started my shopping now.

I only point out this quick transition as a way of distracting from my dismal record this month which I blame on Halloween candy, late nights working on terrible papers, and the gym being closed for three weeks for maintenance (okay just the pool but I took it as a three week pass nonetheless). I haven't done the measurements but given lack of much activity other than yoga I imagine they are about the same. I'm down another 5lbs for a grand total of 47 since baby which wouldn't be bad except that I'm also getting over the flu so it may mean I'm really about the same. I'm going to count them anyway because that will make me work harder to keep 'em off over Christmas.

The pool is up and running, my last class is on the 1st and I'm not even going to start baking for another two weeks so I'm thinking this month should let me shed a few more. A return to work is creeping ever closer and I'm determined to be ready for work-clothes shopping, Christmas or not.


W. said...

Awesome Cammy!

Cammy said...

Thanks W. I keep feeling like these monthly updates are a big excuse-fest :)