Sunday, March 7, 2010


Dear Hunter:
18 days ago you turned seven, wonderful, wonderful seven. It really seems like a fantastic age and overall I think we are going to have a good year. In the last few months it seems that you have really transitioned into a mature boy and I can see less and less of my baby boy all the time. It's okay because the mature boy you are becoming is great and you continue to teach me so much. Sometimes what you teach is factual because you continue to love facts and science. You make me wish I had been a paleontoligist because I'm falling in love with the things you love too. That weekend, we had a lego party to celebrate the big day. A few friends came over and you built bionicles, raced lego cars and had a building plus story telling contes. It was fun and reflective of your favourite things right now - building, bionicles and friends (I should have said buddies).

Hunter my sweet, not so little, man, I love you forever and always.

Love Mum

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