Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eight Month Old Mungry

Julia, if I had to sum up month eight in a word, that word would be perfecting. This month, you've perfected crawling; sitting; picking up tiny bits of cereal (and other miscellaneous goodies) and popping them in your mouth; and, of course, wrapping Mum, Dad, and Hunter around your little finger (especially Mum).

You're trying a few new things, like pulling yourself up on chairs, dancing (er, kind of), and playing with Hunter's toys (you're figuring out cause and effect - "If I turn this handle, the cow pops up"), but for the most part you're content to perfect your recently acquired skills.

I'm happy to report that this month your relationship with the camera has improved and we are even able to occasionally snap a photo where you're smiling. Clearly, you are starting to realize that crying isn't your only weapon: when you just look cute and smile, good things happen too. I can hardly wait until you figure out the full power of your noggin.

I am more and more amazed all the time at the relationship you and Hunter are developing - I can't imagine two closer siblings. Your face lights up when he is in the room and nobody can make you laugh quite like he can (even though he often does it by sticking his face as close to yours as he possibly can).

Recently, I've noticed that the random comments from strangers about how tiny you are are becoming more and more infrequent. While I'm happy you're growing and thriving, the absence of those comments makes me sad because it hits home that you are not my tiny baby anymore and this time is just moving way too fast. I know, you're probably tired of reading how quickly this time is getting away from us, but it is the one constant month after month. That, and how much I love you (more than words can express and farther than you can dream).

Love you Jules,

Love Mum

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