Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Things I have learned so far this Halloween:
  • Costumes that don't require significant makeup are smart.

prep-time: Julia - 2 minutes, Hunter - at least half an hour

  • When your child is pale they don't really need white face makeup (especially when you colour their hair black).

Trial run

Ready for party

  • Trying a new cookie recipe the day before you plan to take cookies to class is not the best idea. This is particularly true when you start baking around 10pm (you know after pumpkins, bed times, and the gym).

Julia in her Halloween-Eve outfit

  • Halloween is infinitely more fun with kids. Late night baking, 7am makeup struggles, and mad dashes to assemble the remainder of costumes at school is one hundred per cent worth it when you see them run to their classroom party exploding with excitement.

Hunter's Pumpkin

  • I also noted that all of the other parents looked to be in about the same state of chaos-recovery. Even those whose kids weren't wearing make-up. And the ones that didn't make cookies. Which brings me to the most valuable thing I learned today, relax and enjoy. The trick is to remember this one next year.

More pictures to come tonight (or tomorrow) on the Picture Blog.


Chantelle said...

OMG how cute!!!! I was hoping to see pics! I'm gonna come visit soon... when works for y'all? FB me an invite or something :)

Cammy said...

This will sound bad - but after the 10th would be so much better than right now - I have a paper due on the 10th then I'm free!

chantelle said...

No worries. Whenever works. Just give me a date and I put it in my calendar - I am going to Minot with my family on the 16th but perhaps the 12/13/14? Sorry to hear about Mcpurr.