Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Numerically Obsessed

Lately, Hunter has been fascinated with numbers: counting, adding, subtracting, seeing them appear on a clock ("it's seven zero two, mom, can we get up now??"). Tonight at supper he counted how many bite-sized pieces of chicken he had on his plate, how many kernels of corn in each forkful, and how many forkfuls he was ingesting. Not only that, he started by announcing he had eight pieces of chicken, ate one, then announced he had seven pieces, and so on. Part way through supper he did a demonstration of his amazing adding and subtracting abilities with his hands (I have ten fingers, one, two, three ... ten, if I put two down I have eight, one, two, three ... eight). It's kind of like what I would imagine living with Rainman would be like (I'm guessing since I'm probably one of the only people who has never seen that movie). Maybe I should take him to Vegas?

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