Saturday, December 15, 2007

10 Month Old Mungry

My sweet little monkey, you're ten months old. Ten months old!

This month I've thought about running down to the computer to type/brag about all of the fun things you are doing more times than I can count because this month your development exploded.

Where to begin?? Well, you're clapping, and not just indiscriminately anymore. The other day we took you to watch a friend play hockey and you clapped when they scored. You wave goodbye to me or Dad or Hunter when we leave (or come home). You've started saying Daddy instead of dadad (Mum is still Maaaa). You do kisses. You're starting to get possessive over toys and give Hunter a run for his money (but he is taking it in stride). You've started that throwing things game and when we ignore you in public, you work strangers to pick up your stuff or play your game.
You're still cruising around furniture and have occasionally stood independently, but you haven't started walking yet. The Doctor tells us you may have to wear special shoes to support your foot and ankle. Your foot is something we've been watching since you were born: when you were born it would bend both ways (against your calf and against your shin) because of how you were positioned inside. We were relieved a few months ago when we found out there would be no casts involved and that it was straightening out on its own but we thought we would take you in for another checkup because you've been crawling for quite some time and we thought for sure you would walk early but you seem to have a bit of trouble with forward movement with the one foot especially. We're still letting you walk without those horrible baby shoes for now because Mummy comes from a long line of people that believe bare feet are best for new walkers (or Robeez in winter) but we're keeping an eye on the foot and will buy you those terrible shoes if that's what you need.
Remember a few months ago when I was certain you'd have teeth by my next month update (it was summer so must have been five or six months)? Well, you still have a wonderful toothless smile. We know they're in there, but they just aren't looking to make an appearance any time soon. I'm thinking you'll get almost a full set at once which is smart because you'll get most of the pain over with at the same time. But you don't let your lack of teeth stop you from trying new foods. You're trying everything. And while Hunter had an affinity for orange foods (you know, cheese, squash, sweet potatoes, oranges), you seem to have a love for white foods like chicken, bananas, potatoes, rice (but really, you love almost everything you try). Bananas are hands down your favourite, though. If we let you, I think you would be content if your entire diet consisted of only bananas (and milk). When someone is eating a banana near you you scrunch up your nose, reach out your hand with a gimme motion, and make a sound that clearly means "give that to me" (even though it sounds more like huh huh huh).
You and Hunter continue to amaze me. You guys are the best team I could imagine and I love watching you play together. This month you guys have developed a chasing game - Hunter runs down the hallway and you crawl after him and tackle him if you catch him, then you both laugh. You guys are still playing hide and seek but he's getting better at hiding now that you're onto him when he hides under the blanket. You play dinosaurs, cars, ninja turtles, dress up, farm, and baby toys together and I really can't imagine two closer siblings.
Julia, I am so happy you are in my life. I love you more than you can imagine.
Love Mum

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