Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Doubling and Tripling Up

I've always been lucky with Hunter. He is such a helpful and independent boy. From the age of three (and maybe even younger) he's been getting himself ready in the mornings. I used to lay out his clothes the night before and while I caught an extra five winks or hopped in the shower he would get dressed. I don't know if this is just survival instinct in the face of the most disorganized mother on the planet or if he's just plain brilliant, but I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that it's due to the latter.

These last few months he has been picking out his own clothes. There have been some interesting choices but for the most part he manages pretty well. The other day he couldn't decide which shirt he wanted to wear so he decided that two would be fine. I figured it's cold out so no harm in wearing two shirts (besides he looked quite fashionable with his navy long sleeve under his Spiderman shirt). A little while later he confessed that he had also had trouble deciding if he should wear his scooby boxers or his cars boxers so he had decided to go with both. Odd, but what could it hurt? The boy has so much underwear that I could skip doing laundry for two weeks and he'd still have plenty of pairs to choose from. He decided doubling up his underwear was cool so he did it the next two days as well. I humoured him but when he put on three pairs yesterday and looked like he was wearing two pairs of pants, I drew the line. So now he's back to one pair of underwear and I'm just waiting to see what he'll double or triple up next. Crazy boy.


Nancy said...

At least you know he isn't commando

Cammy said...

Ha, that will probably be the next thing.