Friday, February 1, 2008

1996 is Astonished

Facebook compelled me to dig up some photos from the 90s. When I was digging through my scraps of poems, pictures, and ticket stubs I came across a letter my Dad sent me in 1996:

"What do you think of the letter with the pictures on it? I got a couple more toys for the computer - a digital camera that hooks up to the computer and a colour Epson printer. The quality of these pictures isn't great because I don't have any photograph paper but when I get some they say it will be as good as a photograph or almost anyway."

It's hard to imagine that 11 and a half short years ago we were astonished with digital cameras and our ability to print pictures. Hunter's generation won't even be able to imagine a world without digital cameras, cell phones, personal computers, laptops, etc. Even now when I take a picture with a regular camera, Hunter can't understand why he can't immediately see the picture.

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