Sunday, February 10, 2008

Odds and Ends

My January to do list was accomplished (for the most part) by the end of January! Completed without a self-congratulatory post (well, until now, that is). I haven't thought of anything for February so probably more of the same.

I'm not going to post ughs or about wagoneering (wagoning?) anymore but I'm still plugging away and doing okay. In hindsight I would have spent less of this past year worrying about it but that is much easier said than done.

Besides that, I wouldn't change this last year at all. I'm so greatful that I had this time home with my babies. I think I took just the right amount of time because I'm ready to go back and I definitely wasn't a month ago. Hunter cried when I tucked him in tonight because he "likes it better when I'm home" but he'll be just fine, he's going to have lots of time to get his Dad on a routine (and I'm sure he'll enjoy the lack of crazy).

When she's not chasing Hunter around, Julia crawls around after me and yanks on my pants to pull herself up or uses the back of my knees for support as she walks behind me. It's going to be tough leaving my little shadow tomorrow but Jason tells me that her tears always cease the minute I'm out the door (usually as he's trying to rush me out the door).

I'm not entirely sure what I'm going back to but I do know I've got great colleagues and can guarantee that within a week I'll be writing briefing notes (I just hope most of them aren't for speeches). Some day I will attempt to capture what exactly it is I do half as brilliantly as Palinode captured what he does.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cam how was the first day back at work? Just remember if you are a great colleague you will have great colleagues.



Cammy said...

It wasn't bad at all. Weird, but not in a bad way. I think these courses I've been taking may have done what they were supposed to and kept my skills sharp as it didn't feel like I'd been gone a year.