Friday, February 22, 2008

Work, Work, Work

I know, I know you shouldn't post about work on your blog. But it's hard not to seeing as it is taking up 10.5 hours of my day five days a week.

Mostly, I've been surprised at how easily I've transitioned back into work mode. On my first day I found myself editing the Briefing Notes my new boss had given me to bring me up to speed on my files. Not because she was asking that they be edited but because I'm a jerk who can't read anything (not published) without editing it (or at least really wanting to edit it you know, because I write so well - snort-).

By day two, I was working through an evaluation, writing some Briefing Notes, and asking for more work. Which reminds me of an old saying - think before you speak. Because you may not like the work you get, you may even have a serious problem with the direction that makes you feel a bit queasy. Or maybe you should think before you speak because you're just lazy. I kid, I kid. Actually, I figure if you're going to be chained to a desk for a good part of your day you might as well work your ass off and accomplish something.

By week two I found myself struggling through the file that was making me queasy. Who knew that a meeting of all things would save me? Those who know me know how I generally feel about meetings - I'm the one that often will be pretending to stab a pen into my neck as people drone on about how important their work is and how busy they are (because it isn't obvious that people are busy and important if they don't) . But this particular meeting, this meeting was good because as I was sitting there wondering when I should reveal myself as the obnoxious resister I am someone else spoke up first and raised many of the same concerns I had! Then there was dialogue and I went back to my office with determination and finished a draft of the document. A draft I could live with.

But the best part of my day? The best part of my everyday sounds a bit like this "Mommy!!!" or "Mommy's home!!!" and of course the sound of the fastest crawl you can imagine accompanied by a squeal and a giggle (Julia's version of "mommy!!!"). Ah, life is good.

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