Sunday, July 15, 2007

Elements of a (Nearly) Perfect Day

  • Canoe trip across the lake to spy the eagle's nest and pelicans
  • Feeding the Ducks with Hunter
  • Brunch cooked and consumed outside
  • Afternoon shower (not because I don't normally shower but because I normally shower in the morning and there is something wonderful about having a shower in the middle of the afternoon when it's ridiculously hot and sticky)
  • Finishing a good book while Julia and Hunter nap (Julia and Hunter napping at the same time)
  • Relaxing on the deck
  • Checking the sports channel and discovering that the Jays beat Boston
  • Making Baylie laugh
  • Barbecued Roast Beef and potatoes for supper
  • A race at the Boat Launch
  • Go Fish and Memory
  • Seeing three deer on the evening walk past the railroad tracks
  • Walking back and seeing fog on the lake
  • Talking with Jason on the phone (remembering the early days of talking on the phone with Jason)
  • An impending thunder storm

Why nearly perfect and not perfectly perfect?

  • Moments of homesickness ("I miss Daddy", "I wish Daddy was here", "I want Daddy");
  • Teething; and,
  • Of course, Jason is at home


Anonymous said...

I Love you, I miss you guys so much and wish we could all be togeather, especilly cause with Julia growing everyday so fast and Hunter is growing and changing at times day by day

Love Jason

sorry i put myself as anonymous i just forget my information

Cammy said...

Oh but it was so much more exciting with anonymous telling me that he loved me, lol. Love you too.