Wednesday, July 4, 2007


When I was a kid, my cousin and I tried every entrepreneurial scheme we could think of: we sold (er, attempted to sell) painted rocks (like pet rocks before pet rocks), hand collected hollyhock and poppy seeds, ornaments made out of clay. Of course, lemonade was too pedestrian for us (though I did notice that the kids that had lemonade stands actually sold their wares). I'd like to think we were ahead of our time and that maybe we just didn't do the right market research (like maybe if we had just sold the seeds in the spring instead of the fall...). Perhaps if the two of us hadn't thrown in the entrepreneurial towel years ago we could have eventually come up with the next big thing. I'd like to think the next big thing we would have come up with would not have been something like this though. Seriously, is this the best thing creative energy can come up with? Then again, market research was always our failing as entrepreneurs.

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Cammy said...

A certain person who reads my blog but NEVER COMMENTS posed the following questions upon reading this entry:
* Wouldn't it get greasy?
* How much porn are we talking about?
* Can you specify the type of porn you want or is it like the Sunday Sun?
Feel free to add your own questions and Mike, if you're reading, order one and let us know the answers to these and any other questions folks may want to ask.