Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Five Months Mungry

Dear Julia:

Today you are five months old, where has the time gone? As I write this you are having a morning nap. It is warm here at Grandma and Grandpa's and we were in the hot tub early this morning so you are ready for a good rest. You love the water, especially warm water. You aren't too sure about the lake yet, but you definitely like the hot tub and pools.

This past month has been busy. So busy that I think I've taken for granted just how much you've grown and changed. This month you lived through your first renovations (relatively minor but house disrupting nonetheless), hosted good company and went on your first plane ride.

When Jenn was visiting she had you sitting by yourself for the shortest time. You are so interested in moving, though, that sitting doesn't interest you much. I'm pretty sure that by the time I write the six month update you'll be mobile - you're pretty close now, rolling to get what you need and creeping along. I'm also pretty sure that that tooth that has been bothering you will finally make an appearance before the six month update (at least I hope it will).

You are definitely interested in your toys now: Freddy the Firefly is your favourite, I often hear his wings crinkling and sometimes when I look over you have the rings around your arms. The saucer is getting your attention now too - I love watching you work your way around testing the various sounds and tastes of the toys. Sadly, your interest in the swing seems to have waned, though you do seem to like it better now that it's outside.

Hunter is convinced that you can say "hi" and "mum" and I'm sure he's right, I think I've heard a da sound along with that krr sound you are fond of. I can hardly wait to see what word you'll have for Hunter because he usually calls himself "big brother" when he's talking to you and that seems like a lot for a baby to manage.

Looking at you sleeping so peacefully, I think I'll cut this short and instead have a nice nap with you.

Love Mum.

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