Thursday, July 26, 2007

Four Year Old Logic II

M: Julia, don't grab Hunter's eye.
H: Yeah, just my forehead.
H: When I'm five it will be my fivehead, right?
M: No, it will always be a forehead.
H: Even when I'm five? What about the very top, will it be a fivehead?


Mandy said...

My goodness this boy is so literal...he's a genius in the making!

Iris said...

Sounds like an interaction with Tucker........*S*.......wait until he starts singing "Bom chicka wah wah"

Anonymous said...

thats my boy for ya, did u tell Hunter that dad has a 33 head


Cammy said...

He is singing that bom chicka wah wah - damn commercials! He also likes to say leverage (from another commercial).

Anonymous said...

My 27 head hurts.