Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Big Day

Hunter attended his first day of pre-school today. Hunter starting pre-school and the multitude of options and choices leading up to the decision to enroll him in the particular preschool he is enrolled in has been the source of much of my obsessive thinking and self doubt these last few weeks. Jason and I had been engaged in weighing the various options: Montessori, pre-k, pre-school, daycare two days a week (to keep some contact with children the same age), or the barely socially acceptable just staying home while Mum/Dad are at home. As late as last week he was enrolled in two schools (pre-k and pre-school) because we still hadn't fully decided what was best. After a tour and meeting with the pre-school teachers, though, Hunter was so excited about this school and learning french that we figured the pre-school had to be the right choice. That same excitement about school this morning meant he had a hard time sleeping last night and was up way too early this morning. As for me, I found myself experiencing a mixture of sadness and excitement when I dropped him off at the classroom this morning. It was hard not to be excited because he was so excited, but at the same time I can't believe how fast the time has gone, it feels like I blinked and he went from being Julia's size to a big guy going to school for the first time. He is growing so fast, and learning and changing all the time (I really ought to do a four and half year update). I spent the hour he was in school wondering what he was up to and lamenting the quiet of the house (Julia decided it would be a good time for a power nap). Picking up Hunter after an hour of meeting the other kids and getting oriented today, it was clear that he was ready even if I wasn't: He was absolutely buzzing. He had already made a new friend (Tiger?), found the washrooms, gone on a tour of the school that even included the real kindergarten classroom, played at the sand table, played cars, and read the Paper Bag Princess. He was over the top. When Jason called to see how it had gone, he had to keep the phone about a foot away from his ear because Hunter was talking so loud in his excitement. My boy is growing up, and I can hardly wait to see what he learns next week.

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