Saturday, September 15, 2007

Seven Months and One Day Update

Julia, this month I have failed to take pictures of you with food all over your face and body and thereby failed to visually capture one of your major discoveries this month - FOOD! You've tried a variety of mush, chicken noodle soup, and vegetables and seem to like everything with the exception of peas (canned baby food peas, so maybe you'll like the real thing if I just smoosh 'em up); but most of all, you love the crunchy stuff that I'm not even supposed to let you have until you're one (like those sweet potato crisps and mum mums). You like that food, I'm sure, because it allows you to assert your independence (instead of battling your Dad or I for the spoon; we let you attempt to stuff these things in your mouth because you are supposed to).You're still working out your crawling style but have finally given up trying to use your feet and hands because you've found much more efficient methods. Thanks for keeping the floors buffed. They need it after you throw mush all over the place.

The debate about your hair colour rages on this month. Are you blonde? Are you a redhead? Or are you just bald and we're going to have to wait to find out? I guess I'll have to grudgingly go with the latter, but it sure is fun to speculate.

A picture that really should have been included with this seven month update (had I thought to take one before now) is one of you and McPurr. McPurr has been driving us insane since Meowser died with his constant meowing (among other things) but the thing that has redeemed him, is your absolute adoration for him. When you nap outside your crib, he lays at your feet and purrs or naps. When you wake up and grab a giant hand full of his fur and pull with all your might he doesn't flinch. When you're hungry and Mummy is doing her best to ignore you for an additional five minutes, you screech and McPurr meows and you screech louder and McPurr meows louder, and that, that results in near instant gratification (I may need to invest in ear plugs when you really figure out just how well this is working for you).

If the above facts and characteristics were not enough to clearly identify you as my daughter, the fact that you immediately stop smiling and become awkward the minute a camera is anywhere close to your face would. Julia, you are so beautiful, stop fighting the pictures! And slow down, be patient, you've got lots of time to grow up and discover the world and so little time to have every need met by someone else. I'm sure you won't take my advice and that's another reason why I love you babe.

Love Mum

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