Sunday, January 24, 2010

90 Down 910 to Go

Okay, this week was a bit slower but I still managed to get 25k in, which brings me to a grand total of 90k (per the title).

Having run 15 in one stretch I know I currently do not have the stamina to do 21 in a row at a non-embarrassing speed. Must work on speed and endurance. Again, still haven't started on a formal program and am just basically screwing around at the moment. That's probably why I like the idea of doing 1000 in 2010 as a goal.

Don't worry, I'm not totally letting myself off the half marathon hook just yet. Once I'm no longer exhausted on a daily basis I'll start following a program (why am I so tired, I thought all this exercising and shedding of excess pounds would help?). Must find more time for sleep. And I suppose I should try to get a physical one of these days.

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