Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Four O'Clock Think

* Would it be reasonable for me to leave now even though I was a half hour late this morning? I mean, it is cold out and there was a two hour conference call over lunch today. Two. hours. Over. lunch. Really, really long and painful. Over lunch, for two hours.

* It's cool that you can now pre-draft posts and post 'em later. Yes, that's right, this was drafted at 10pm last night anticipating what I might be thinking about at 4pm today. Guaranteed I could predict how I'd feel about that conference call.

* My legs are so. sore. Stupid running. Should have taken a rest day yesterday. Must rest today. Guaranteed I'll be writing the exact same thing tomorrow. Really need to follow a program instead of winging it. A four day program probably makes the most sense.

* I've got soo much to do I should really get working on something. On the other hand, it is 4, with an hour left in the day does it really make sense to start something new? Maybe I should just make a list of things to work on tomorrow.

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