Sunday, February 25, 2007


First off, I've had a million blog topics running through my head the past week but haven't had or made the time to sit down and put any of them down. When things settle down I think I'll have some subject matter for a while, for what it's worth.

I was reading Today on Oprah the other day and the "where do you plan to be in five years" question mentioned in one post got me to thinking about just how terrible I am at answering that question or planning that far ahead for that matter. Regardless, I have to say that this lack of planning either works well for me or I've just been incredibly fortunate (or maybe both).

When I was in my second year of university I decided that I was not going to take journalism afterall (not only would taking journalism mean I would have to reign in run-on sentences but some cynicial character at the Prairie Dog successfully discouraged me with talk of media conglomeration and terrible pay). Following that change in plans we decided we might as well move to Edmonton as stay here. I mean I could just as easily take political science at the U of A and where else did I have friends who I had gone to kindergarten with, who had seen me at my best and worst (I'm not just talking cam-a-la-puke either), and for whom I would be in their wedding party seven weeks after giving birth? A series of small events and a flat tire are really the only things that kept us in Regina - no serious thought went into the decision to stay (though in planning to move we came to the realization that we really had come to love this city and had made some great friends). I have no idea what our lives would be like if we had moved back and I'd be lieing if I said we don't still think about it at times, but things have been good for us here. While I'm not likely to run out and purchase an I love Regina t-shirt (mostly because I was born in the late seventies and we're a generation that is far too jaded and cynical to do any such thing) this is home, this is where we have built our family, developed great friendships, and where I have found the career that I love (at least for now and admittedly a lot more in non-election years).

A visit from a friend yesterday followed by an email brought on all these sappy feelings (possibly post-pregnancy hormone-induced) of just how fortunate we are. The friend came by to meet Julia (and Hunter and Jason) and was the most perfect guest - she patiently listened as an overtired Hunter told her about almost every single toy in his room, she held Julia (who didn't cry once), she told me how good I look (even though I currently look like a balloon with the air partially let out), and she complemented my house (even though I didn't get half the things done I had wanted to). It was great! After she left, I came downstairs to find an email from another friend with some updates on her recent vacation, stats test, etc., checking to see how things were going, and offering some Hunter-watching and company. Not only that, but the email mentioned getting together with another colleague who has also become a great friend in the last year. All these small and not so small things in a short period of time added up to a real appreciation for what we have here. The last four years, in particular, have been unbelievable and I wouldn't change a single thing.

Speaking of four years, I'm positive it's not coincidental that Hunter is four today. Post and pictures to follow...

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emmaline said...

Aw! I just had an opportunity to re-examine the all good reasons I stay in Regina too . . . its really not so bad! And it looks so pretty covered in three feet of snow!
Ps. Your kids are gorgeous. Wish Hunter a belated happy birthday for me!