Sunday, February 25, 2007


See those pajamas that that monkey is wearing? Those were yours and they didn't even fit you until you were a couple months old! When I think back over the past four years, my mind boggles at all that you have learned and accomplished. From the moment you were born you were a peaceful and content soul (which is not to say that you were not busy and incredibly active - because believe me, you were and are). You have enriched our lives in more ways than I can count and I know that I am a better for knowing you. Seeing things through your eyes has provided me with an incredible opportunity to experience everything for the first time again and appreciate things in a whole new way. I am so proud of how strong and smart and sweet you are. I am touched by how wonderful you are to your new sister even though her arrival has meant our world orbits two suns instead of one. I love the hugs, kisses, and I love yous you so willingly give and dread the day when you are too big to freely hug and kiss mum anymore (though at the same time I can't wait to see what you are like then because every age and stage so far has been better than the last). Happy Birthday Hunter, I could not be prouder to be your mum, I love you.

And who knew dinosaurs would stand the test of time?


Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

Happy birthday Hunter!!!