Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

Given that it's Valentine's Day I had been planning to write a blog entry titled mixology (about the matches we're in). Instead, it looks like a little Valentine's Day presentation (a bad pun even for me) may forever change Valentine's Day in our household. That's right, we're soon off to the hospital to see if the new addition is going to make an appearance today. Why the hell are you blogging you say? It's keeping my mind off things while Jason transports Hunter to his friend's place. I'm sure there are a plethora of spelling and grammatical errors but I can always edit these when I get back, right? Will keep you posted.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

WHAT???!!! No new posts....there better be a new baby to blame this on. ;)

Hurry up....I wanna know what goin' on.