Thursday, February 8, 2007


I started my first week off work with a mental list of things to accomplish. Hunter spent Monday and Tuesday at his day home (I don't want him to go into complete shock and I think he would miss the kids too much if we abruptly took him out so he's going part-time for at least February) so the week began with the big things best accomplished without the little fellow around. Item one: wash all the baby clothes - clearly this could have been accomplished just as easily with him home but I was starting off slow. Item complete. Item two: switch rooms with Hunter - this involves disassembling his bunk bed, moving other furniture, sorting through toys (for the third time since just before Christmas), assembling the crib and change table, etc. This is still in progress. On Monday I assumed this would all be done by Wednesday, but today the house is still in disarray - I had no idea how much stuff a four year old could accumulate let alone the amount of junk Jason and I had stuffed in our closet, etc.
Yesterday, my mental list had bake cookies with Hunter after getting home from the NST. I had mentioned this to Hunter, so check.
Today was slated for Valentine's cards. What I didn't plan on, though, was that my search for some reading material to combat the insomnia that accompanies pregnancy would result in me finding an excellent British mystery/thriller that I haven't been able to put down since. This is exactly how I am with a good Chuck Palahniuk only his novels are about a fifth of the length so I would be done by now. This one, I'm barely half way through. I wish I had found this on Monday - then my house wouldn't be in disarray and I could have laid around guilt-free reading it for two days. Instead Hunter has been occupying himself playing cars, trains, and dinosaurs and intermittenly coming in and asking when we can do Valentine's. I've been sending him back to tidy up whichever toy he has been playing with - cars, trains, or dinosaurs - first in hopes that he will again become entagled in playing. So far so good but seeing as I have taken time out from reading to blog, I will probably have a hard time rationalizing not getting things organized for Valentine's. As for my list of things to accomplish before baby comes - it's growing but maybe there are a few things that I have on there needlessly? Maybe I should add read at least one good novel (yes that's exactly what I should do).


Nancy said...

Did you know that there is a large spider trying to eat your baby?

W. said...

Cleaning can wait. Cammy-time is of utmost importance.

emmaline said...

I've made a mental note to collect all the can't-put-em-down semi-trashy novels at my place and bring them over to you. You obviously need them, you crazy Type A. Relax already!