Monday, February 12, 2007


While I may not be categorically opposed to technological advancements, I definitely have some irrational resistance to fully embracing technology. At least the telephone variety. I am one of the few people I know who still doesn't have a cell phone... Why would I want to be reached when I'm away from home - isn't that kind of the point? People who have witnessed me drunk and dialing or who have been on the receiving end of it may also agree that keeping cell phones away from me is not a bad idea. But that's another blog entry all together.

Last night the one phone in our household (think kitchen phone with a ridiculously long cord) died so I sent Jason out to pick up a new one because not being able to dial out right now would not be a good thing. For some unexplainable reason, I was mortified to see him return with a cordless phone. Everybody knows those things always die and don't work particularly well, or at least they weren't that great 20 years ago when they first came out. I suppose they could have made some improvements since that time, but really when you have a really really long cord why would you need a phone without one?

I'm not quite sure where this stems from but I suspect it may be because my Dad is the exact opposite of a Luddite. He's always the first one to buy the newest gimmicky thing usually before it has been well-tested and had the bugs removed. As a result, I have it in my head that new things just don't work that well (okay, in some cases I think that about things that have not been tried and true for at least a decade or two). But I do have to admit this new phone, it's pretty great. Did you know you could use these from any room in the house and they still work? Amazing.


emmaline said...

I'm loving how this blog is providing me with the ultimate window into your personality. All these things I've suspected about you, you're now admitting to them in a public forum! And it's funny too!

Cammy said...

And to think this only just scratches the surface.