Saturday, April 14, 2007

2 Month Update

Julia is two months old today. This means the dreaded first set of shots is soon, like Monday soon. I'll supply her two-month(ish) vitals after that first set of shots. I'm guessing she is about 11 or 12 pounds but I'm really not sure and I have no idea how tall she is just that she is too tall for most of the sleepers she fit only a couple of weeks ago. She is still doing those tentative half-smiles and I can hardly wait for those full face ones that I know will come fairly soon. She has rolled over once but hasn't figured out how to do it again - she's made it to her side a couple of times but mostly she lays on her tummy bending her knees and kicking her legs trying to get onto her back then cries in frustration or gives up, turns her head and falls asleep. Also, her neck is strong enough for the most wonderful invention ever, the baby swing, so we recently set up Hunter's old swing. As expected, she loves it, and the thing has a miraculous affect on her whenever she is cranky.

Jason and I have been planning to somewhat formalize some time for each of us to spend with just Julia or just Hunter so I figured that that idea coupled with my need to get back in shape would make some mommy-baby classes a good idea. As such, we're signed up for mom and baby yoga starting on Tuesday and some kind of stroller thing starting on Thursday. I can't remember if that first set of shots leaves babies cranky that second day or not: I hope not, I'm nervous enough about this yoga class because I've never done it before (at least not in public). I am excited about it though. I'm pretty sure the stroller one will be fairly straight-forward so, at worst, I will only be guaranteed to look like a complete ass one day a week (the rest is up to me in a non formalized and completely random way). There is also a water class that I didn't sign up for because Julia really seemed to hate being in water about a month ago when I registered for the classes. Since then, I've figured out that she loves water as long as someone is holding her, showers especially, so I may see if we can drop in on some water ones too because, to me, there is nothing better than being in the water. As for Hunter and I, I'm not too sure what we'll formalize in the long-term, but for right now he and I have been going for a walk together most nights (the weather has improved exponentionally, the last two days it was 20 above making it much easier to want to go for walks, to the park, etc.). He and Jason have library time every couple of weeks so that's out for me, but we do get to spend a lot of just us (almost) time together during the week given how much Julia still sleeps. I'll have to think more about our just us time as she is awake more.

The transition from one child to two has been bigger than I expected. I really thought the main challenge would be Hunter adjusting to sharing the limelight but he seemed to adjust immediately. Balancing the needs of the two of them has been a challenge for me but we are developing comfortable routines now. Even if we weren't, I wouldn't change a thing because every bit of it is worth it.

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