Monday, April 30, 2007

Preparation J

On Thursday, I am going to see Mom's the Word with Em. This will be the first time I'm leaving Julia for a planned outing rather than sneaking out once she is already asleep (aside from the time Jason and I went to the movies when she was first born and my Mom was here but she was a lot younger and less stubborn then). It would not be a big deal at all (leaving her for two to three hours that is, the evening at the Globe with Em still would) except that Julia really does not take well to eating from a bottle. This means that Jason and I are having her take a bottle each night this week in hopes that by Thursday she will understand that we're not trying to poison her when we stuff (I mean gently place) it into her mouth. Tonight was night one and I'm a little worried that tonight's attempt has left Jason in a minor state of panic though we did go through every thing that calms her down when she's mad - picking her up, putting her down, taking her for a walk, taking her for a run, putting her in her swing, giving her her sucky, picking up her sucky from the floor and washing it, giving her her sucky, picking her up, putting her down, well, you get the idea - there is no set formula, just a knowledge that eventually (once you've tried everything) she will be placated. I'm sure tomorrow will be better and by Thursday she'll be a pro at drinking from the bottle (which will also come in handy when we travel).

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whoop! Girls night out! Drinks on me!