Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why Yoga, Stupidity and Change are Bad

For many, if not all, of our nine married years, I've made Jason the same dinner (by request) for his birthday - lasagna followed by better than sex cake. Normally, lasagna is a treat because I make it so rarely. Since being on maternity leave, though, I've made it a few times so I figured I'd ask if he wanted to change up the ol' birthday meal this year (not the cake, I knew the cake would not change). He didn't come up with any alternative requests so I planned to pick up the necessary lasagna ingredients after yoga.

Unfortunately, in my yoga-induced euphoria I came up with the brilliant plan of suggesting we go out for dinner instead. Julia had been an absolute angel not only for yoga but for the entirety of the shopping that followed so I was feeling brave. Besides, Jason had been salivating (think Homer Simpson head back gurgle) over the idea of shrimp and since I have no idea how to cook it properly I figured it made perfect sense to take him someplace where they do.

Hunter and I had a nice discussion about how he was expected to behave in a restaurant and Julia had her supper before we left so we were all set. When we got there, Hunter behaved marvellously except for the fact that the boy really cannot fathom that there is a difference between an inside voice and an outside voice when he's excited (he was excited about the crayons that were supplied to him). Jason was enjoying some sort of drink called a mojito that, to me, conjured up images of Dave Foley in his brilliance as a girl-drink drunk before his career was reduced to hosting Celebrity Poker (though things are looking up for him as he's now judging Thank God You're Here - if that can be considered looking up). Things were going brilliantly until I made the mistake of saying how wonderful Julia was being and how silly we had been to worry about going out for dinner up to now.

Hearing me utter that nonsense must have awakened something in Julia because she began to cry, no cry isn't the right word, wail is. Did I mention that I had given her some anti-histamine medication for the first time shortly before going out for dinner? Oh yeah, I had, gambling that the side effect, drowsiness, would win out over the side effect, excitability. Wrong! Julia proceeded to wail for the next 15 minutes while I took her to the bathroom to dance around with her in hopes it would calm her down (and to keep her from disturbing other diners). When we came out (Julia was moderately calmed down), Jason had had everything packed up to go (even though he said he couldn't hear her out in the restaurant) and we got out of there as quick as we could. She cried most of the way home but once we were home was as calm as could be even though her eyes were still bugged out. Maybe the side effect doesn't seem so bad to a 2 month old in the comfort of her own home but being in a strange place must have been more than she could take, poor girl.

Tonight, I make lasagna as I should have done yesterday and will do every April 24th until Jason can only eat through a straw.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'll give you and E a shout sometime I'm in the queen city. I'm always game for coffee or a beer. Some time ago I did start signing up for facebook, but decided I should just say no.

Nancy said...

Ahhh. The joys of dinner out with a baby. I took Nathan out for a "You finally finished school" dinner last 9:30, which is Ryleigh's bedtime. Thank god the restaurant was starting to clear out at that time and that it had nothing to do with my cranky-pants daughter.

Cammy said...

Good thinking on the no to facebook - I still don't get the novelty.