Thursday, April 19, 2007

It had something to do with my centre of gravity, honest.

Tuesday was my first mom and baby yoga class. It was wonderful. We got there better than on time, early, which is a major feat for me these days (hell, if I'm being honest it has been a major feat for me since 2003 or 1976 even); there was a mom I actually knew in the class (though her momdom came as a surprise to me as I hadn't seen her for a few years); Julia seemed to enjoy looking at and listening to the other babes; and I realized that yoga is as perfect for me as water aerobics because it suits my lack of rhythm while still ensuring that I get a good workout (who knew all that slow movement could leave my legs feeling like jello?). I left the class confidently thinking that the likelihood of making myself look like an ass once per week had diminished significantly.

Fast forward to today, my Buff Babies class, the one I had not been worried about in the least (aside from obsessing about which stroller to bring, that is). We were running late, but I found the on-site daycare spot for Hunter with relative ease and the other moms still seemed to be getting their stuff organized when we got there so the lateness didn't seem to be a big deal. In our lateness, I opted for the regular stroller rather than the jogger and this too seemed to be perfectly fine. The other moms were really great, the instructor was great and also a relatively new mom (something about her kind of reminded my of Miranda from Sex in the City so I figured that must be a good sign). Everything was going smoothly.

That is until we did the squats. The forward ones were fine but when we did the backwards ones I had a major wipe out. It was one of those falls where you can feel it coming on and if you're lucky you have time to adjust your centre of gravity and prevent the whole thing. But despite my efforts, I was not so lucky, and may have even made it worse as I ended up not only falling but tumbling back head over trunk. In front of the whole class. And, in case anyone might have missed it, the instructor, with her mic on, asked if I was okay and said we wouldn't do anymore backwards squats to be on the safe side. Total embarrassment. Physically, I was fine but my ego? It took a severe beating in the process. The instructor did say something about how newer moms still have a centre of gravity that is out of whack - not these exact words of course, but I'm going to own that particular excuse - it was totally not me being competitive and trying to get back faster than other moms at all.

Despite the fall, the class was good. Afterwards I went for a bit of a run around the track a few times because I couldn't get enough of the sweating. It may seem odd, but I love that feeling - something about it just makes me feel alive and totally in my body. It's a nice change from often feeling like I'm living in my head (even if I'm somewhat out of it most days).


Chantelle said...

Ok I had to laugh out loud at that! I can just imagine it and your embarassment. Cammy - you ruined it for all the other moms that loved that stretch! Just joking. Glad to hear that you are enjoying it. I think I should join some kinda class... but don't look for me signing up for either of those anytime soon :) Have a good weekend!

Cammy said...

I know! I don't think she had to say we weren't doing the move any more. I mean really what are the chances of it happening twice?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was laughing out loud too. I don't have any kind of new mom centre-of-gravity excuse, but I did once topple over in yoga- when we were touching our toes!! not exactly a movement that requires a great deal of skill. I was so stunned I had to just lie flat on my back for a while until I'd fully comprehended what had happened. - em

Cammy said...

I could see how it could happen in yoga. Glad to know I'm not the only one. :)