Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Confessions of an Increasingly Harmless Mind

  • I still check the job postings once a day just like I did at work even though I'm not now, and wasn't then, looking for a job (at least not unless something really awesome is on there).
  • I still check the mail every time I walk into the house even if I know there is no mail in there because I was home when the mail and, or flyers were delivered.
  • While I have not succumbed to watching the likes of Oprah, Dr. Phil, or Rachel Ray, I have become hooked on the View and am v. sad that Rosie is leaving. I am totally addicted to hot topics where she argues with the Republican Robot (the girl from survivor) but also does not defend the Democrats and in fact declared herself as an independent - v. refreshing on American TV to see the debate widened if only slightly. The show sucks when she has a day off (or when Barbara Walters is there) - will have to find something else to watch, or better yet, not watch.
  • The purchase of a new, high-efficiency, front-loading washing machine actually made me excited to do laundry (until it had to go in the dryer anyway).
  • I am not reading nearly enough news, but sadly do still find myself watching CPAC.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

It totally agree with the Rosie point and the laundry point.

I really need to find a hobby....