Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I have a confession to make.

When I was on vacation I. wore. crocs.

Granted it was at the lake, but still, I did it. And worse, I miss them. Not only do I miss them, I long for them, and I am seriously thinking about buying a pair. Just for around the yard, and maybe for the odd walk, but I'll never wear them to the mall or work, I promise. And I won't buy a brightly coloured pair. But I'm a little concerned that everybody says that and in reality it's only a matter of time before I'm wearing a pair of bright yellow crocs with a suit (and I'm not talking about a swimsuit either).

While I'm a little ashamed of myself, I'm not quite as ashamed as my fifteen year old niece, Baylie. Baylie slipped on a pair of crocs to walk around the yard. When she confessed her fashion sin to her friend via telephone one evening, her friend screamed into the phone, then shouted "we promised each other we never would!!" Oh Baylie tried to rationalize that it was okay because she was at the lake and no one would see her, but I don't think that excuse cut it because I noticed that for the rest of her visit (almost) she opted for her sandals or runners instead of the sweet, sweet, comfortable (but oh so ugly) crocs.

I'm still holding out in hopes that the memory of just how comfortable and convenient they are will fade (mostly because of the aforementioned slippery slope concerns). But I am hopeful that if I do succumb to my croc desire, most of my friends will be kinder than a fifteen year old girl. I guess this means I should leave my anti-croc facebook group?


PatC said...

Go ahead, you know you waaaaannnnttt them. ;)

Anonymous said...

I was going to let you take that pair, but didn't think you had room for them. For the price of them, don't think it is worth it to mail them - go get a pair!!!

Anonymous said...

I am really having trouble coping with this post. I know we haven't seen each other for a while, but have you really changed THAT MUCH??? I mean, for crying out loud girl, go buy yourself a pair of the croc flip flops. At least you're minimizing the square-inches of fashion faux-pas. Remember that's my neighbourhood you're talking about going for walks in!!


In all seriousness, my habit of judging people based on what they wear reaches new heights of superficiality when it comes to crocs. I need to work on it. We already know each other though (or at least I THOUGHT I knew you!) so it shouldn't be too bad. Maybe you'll convert me.

Not sure I should even be signing this . . .

Mandy said...

this is just too funny, in 95 and 96 i had a pair of bright yellow birkenstocks that were the original crocs (without the holes, and better cuz they were birkenstocks) and everyone laughed and me and made fun of me, and i said, hey, they were my gardening shoes, they hosed off easy and were so i said, far better than crocs, but then again, i'm a die hard birkenstock wearer!!!
this is just too funny cuz my mom has boughten crocs and i laughed at her becuase she tormented me mercilessly for my birkenstocks (I had over 40 pairs at one point and wore them to my own wedding, still wear them as day to day shoes), wearing them with dress up clothes, grown up clothes, casual clothes, blue jeans, fishing, etc....
i think most pics have me in birks of some fashion style or another!

Cammy said...

Yeah, but Birkenstocks was a least a bit of a trend - you know wool socks and sandals, plaid shirts, and baggy jeans (which incidentally Nancy and I still remember your Dad telling you baggy jeans would make you fat).