Thursday, August 16, 2007

Holiday Inflation

In 1999, Jason and I took a two week holiday through the mountains and out to Victoria. My Grandma used to keep travel diaries that detailed activities, costs, etc. so I thought it would be a good idea to keep something similar. I stumbled upon it the other day when I was cleaning out our filing cabinet (read making a mess). We're planning to take a much condensed version of this trip next week (five days and probably just to Banff) so I thought it would be interesting to compare some costs:

Gas in SK 65.9 cents per litre (Regina)
Gas in AB 59.9 cents per litre (Calgary)
Park Pass $10 per day
Campsite $13 per night
Gondola $14 per person.

Gas in Regina 106.9 cents per litre
Gas in Calgary 98.9 cents per litre
Park Pass $17.80
Campsite $19.00
Gondola $24.95 per person ($12.50 per child, free for babies)

I wonder how this will look in another eight years? My favourite part about this holiday (and probably one of the reasons we take it so often), though, is that there are so many things you can't cost because they are free (and priceless) - like hiking 10k to see waterfalls, or paint pots, or well hidden natural hot springs. Eee! I can't wait.

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