Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Six Months? Really? Already?

Dear Julia:

I can not believe six months have gone by already. Today your Dad and I printed some pictures from these last six months and it really hit home just how much you have grown and changed. Six months ago today we caught our first glimpse of you and instantly fell in love. Six months ago you were adjusting to being in the outside world and now you explore it with every sense. Six months ago we were contemplating your name and now I can not imagine it being anything other than Julia. I can not imagine my life without you in it.

Six months ago you were just under 7lbs, now you are 14lbs. Six months ago you seemed so delicate, but now you seem so strong. You hold your head up, lift yourself off the ground, jump in your jumper and your saucer, and stand up and desperately try to escape your bumbo when you do not want to be in it.

In this last month, you started eating oatmeal and rice cereal for supper and started snacking on baby mum mums (your favourite non-milk food by far because you can feed them to yourself and you are nothing if not independent). You have graduated from your cradle to your crib. You have taken your first swimming class. You have found words for Hunter and kitty that you use consistently even if I'm not quite sure how they sound like Hunter or kitty. You are so close to crawling forwards you can taste it, you actually find it funny when we give you belly blows or play peek, and when Mummy comes towards you you reach your arms up (there is no better feeling).

In honour of your six month birthday, Hunter decorated a couple of cupcakes. Unfortunately not only are you too little to enjoy the cupcakes, but your teeth were bothering you tonight so you ended up falling asleep before we had dinner and missed the whole thing. My tooth prediction was wrong but I really hope those first ones break through soon so you can have some relief.

I wish I could slow down the clock and keep this time from escaping so fast. At the same time, I'm eager to see you grow and change because you constantly amaze me. Julia, I love you more than I can express, more than you can imagine, and further than you can dream.

Love Mum


Chantelle said...

Since I apparently don't even get over there once a month, I can't believe how much she's grown. She is a complete doll. I had a great time with you three the other day - too bad Jason missed out!

Cammy said...

Thanks - we loved having you. I don't know what it is about when you come over but Hunter always seems to be wound up.

Chantelle said...

I tend to inspire that in kids sometimes... it's pretty funny... I enjoy it.