Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Settling In

It's hard to come back from vacation especially when you've been away long enough to get into a nice routine that doesn't involve home improvement projects. My days on vacation went something like this:

  • Wake up a bit later than usual (while Hunter actually slept in a couple of days this waking up later was mostly due to him harassing my Mum early each morning and her putting up with it)
  • Drink coffee, sometimes even three cups before lunch (okay, I only drank three cups once but it was really nice I had forgotten just how much I enjoy drinking too much coffee) and sometimes outside on the deck (a close second to my favourite - having morning coffee in the hot tub which has only rarely happened since Hunter was born)
  • Walk to the boat launch or an early morning trip to the beach
  • Lunch that includes garden vegetables (next year I am growing my own lettuce as it's one of those things that you just don't get enough of when you rely on other people's gardens, same goes for tomatoes)
  • Do yoga while the kids nap (they nap on vacation because of the heat and because they stay up later at night)
  • Check facebook and blogs or read while children continue to nap
  • Do craft or some such thing with Hunter while Julia continues to nap
  • Make supper on awesome barbecue (must get awesome bbq, ours just doesn't compare) or eat awesome supper someone else made
  • Evening walk
  • Kids to bed
  • Tea and visit
  • Facebook, blogs, reading
  • Repeat

When I break it down like that, I can see that a lot of the same elements happen daily at home (with the exception of the sleeping in and Hunter having afternoon naps for the most part) but at home the home improvement projects and other things I ought to be doing distract and nag at me. For instance, I've spent a portion of each day since I've been home weeding, contending with ants in Hunter's garden, noting spots where I should be touching up the white trim on the main floor, lamenting scratches in newly refinished hardwood floors, and thinking about finishing (and starting) various projects elsewhere in the house. Oh, and there's the cleaning too. And increased television viewing (relative to the minimal viewing at my parent's place). And the idea that I really ought to be blogging because I'm home and don't really have an excuse.

But there's also Jason, and my own bed, and that makes up for the increased responsibility that comes with being home.

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Anonymous said...

mmm . . . awesome bbq . . . please provide more details. We're in the market.

That sounds like the awesomest daily plan ever. I am very jealous. I often think that the one thing my vacations lack is children to do crafts with!