Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Drumheller Holiday

Hunter and Julia at the Campsite

We tented at River Grove Campground. It was great because the spots are surrounded by trees and just hidden enough to make you feel like you are actually roughing it even though you can just walk 25 feet for flushing toilets, sinks and showers. There was a park in the campground that didn't hurt either and it was about two blocks away from the Aqualplex and the World's Largest Dinosaur (more on this below).
Hunter on one of the many dinosaurs that are sprinkled throughout the town. This place is perfect for four year old boys in love with dinosaurs and in awe that this is where they actually lived 75 million years ago.
Hunter and Jason at another one of the cool dinosaurs that are sprinkled throughout the town. If we hadn't forgotten the memory card for the camera, I'm sure there would have been at least a dozen photos very much like this one (or the one above).

The Hoodoos (Hunter loved visiting these - I think as much because he loved saying Hoodoos). Here's a tidbit of information on them in case you're interested.
Hunter hiding out near the Hoodoos. You cannot climb on them because they are very fragile but there are lots of close by spots to hike around.

Jason and the kids near the Hoodoos. If you're wondering why most of the pictures are of just Jason and Hunter it is because I was wearing Julia in the snuggli on most of the trails, etc. so if she was asleep we didn't disturb her (there are a few pictures where I got Julia's hat in the shot...).

A mural outside the reptile museum (which incidentally is another must see for any self-respecting four year old boy and his family).

Some snakes at the reptile museum. Hunter got a real kick out of the reptile museum - there were all sorts of exotic frogs, snakes, alligators, crocodiles, and turtles.

In the dinosaur area at the Calgary zoo because really there just weren't enough dinosaurs in Drumheller. Actually we went to see the giraffes because last year when we went to the zoo the giraffe was pregnant and we wanted to see the baby. Oh, and the hippos because we love the hippos. It was worth it even though Hunter locked both sets of keys in the car causing me to have a near stroke until I realized that since the trunk was open and the 60/40 split wasn't locked he could climb through and open the doors. I'm not sure why the only photo I took was one with a dinosaur, but the animals are in our memories anyway (and I guess it's harder to pose next to moving animals than dinosaur statues). Also, you'll notice that in this photo Hunter is looking in a different direction than Jason and Julia - this is because another kid was taking a picture of the dinosaur as well and Hunter figured he should pose for that picture.

World's Largest Dinosaur!!

Inside the World's Largest Dinosaur. We did this twice because Hunter loved it so much. Unfortunately, the time we brought the camera was when it was raining (the view is quite spectacular on a clear day).

We didn't get any pictures at the Royal Tyrrell Museum because it was so busy there (and the whole forgetting the memory card for the camera thing). We are going to try and make it back in the off season - maybe on an overnight trip when we're up visiting my parents. I really enjoyed the museum but could definitely see why the creationists were threatened enough by the science to create their own alternative version of dinosaur history museum (with no basis in science).

We also ventured to a suspension bridge near where some old coal mines were that we really enjoyed (there was great hiking around it as well). We didn't have time for the actual coal mines tour so will have to make sure we get back another time. Even though we had five days there (as we got up at an inhuman hour to drive out the first day thereby arriving around 2), we didn't have enough time to see and do everything we wanted so are definitely hoping to get back sometime in the next few years (I think when Julia is four and Hunter is eight would be ideal).

It was a great trip and gave us some confidence in venturing outside of our comfort zone (you know, a trip through the Rockies and, if we have the time, out to Vancouver Island). We are now thinking that we might actually do a camping trip out East next year and possibly even a camping and road trip to Newfoundland next summer (depending on holidays of course, that is a serious amount of driving).

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