Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Family Zombie

We are walking around the house (and work) like a bunch of zombies today and it's not only because collectively we are breathing through one nostril. It's also because Jason made the horrendous mistake of buying me the SIMS2. He obviously forgot that when we had the original SIMS I completely gave my life over to them - ensuring they were showering, eating, getting promotions, keeping their relationships healthy, and just generally leading fulfilling lives. The downstream result (did I just type that)? All of those things were suffering in my own life as I was up for hours manufacturing story lines for my SIMS, searching the web for the most fashionable clothes and accessories for my SIMS, and decoding the SIM language (yes, if you play it enough you begin to understand it). I'm pretty sure we'll be better able to set boundaries this time, though, since we do have two children now. Um, um, uh, I don't have time to get to the point of this blog entry because I've got to see if I can get Cassandra Goth to marry Keith Stevens so that he can have enough money to put a pool in (I haven't found all the cheats for unlimited simoleons this time around) and I have got to get that done before the baby needs to eat.

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