Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It is finally feeling like spring here, yesterday it was plus ten and it is amazing to me the difference a nice upturn in the weather can make. Why do I always think autumn is my favourite season again? I could understand it when I lived in northern Alberta because there is nothing like the trees and the smell of fall there, but here? I think spring is the winner by far. In celebration of the arrival of spring (I hope) I accomplished the following yesterday:
Nice long walk with the family (twice);
Cookie and muffin baking;
Photo appointment booked;
Hunter's dresser cleaned out (again - the kid is growing like mad);
Julia's change table cleaned out (she's already outgrown stuff, I can't believe it);
Registered in gym classes (Julia and I are doing yoga); and,
Relaxing bath with a good book (Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk - highly recommended if you have a strong stomach and like his stuff - I think it may be his best).
Yesterday was so good, I don't even feel guilty that little to nothing was accomplished today.

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