Monday, March 26, 2007


Jumped on the scale today since the six week mark is coming fast and I was curious to see how much of the baby weight has come off. I knew none of my pre-pregnancy pants fit yet (not even the fat pants) but I was still hopeful the number would be better. So far I've only lost 15 of the 50 pounds (yes 50) that I put on with this pregnancy. The pregnancy books says those who gained the recommended 25 pounds usually lose it by the end of the second month without dieting but those who overindulged (uh, guilty) won't find that the weight magically disappears (what? weight doesn't magically disappear? I'm shocked). I'm at least hoping the other ten that normal people would gain will come off by the time Julia is two months old.

When I was pregnant with Hunter I gained almost 60 pounds and I'm sure I wore my maternity pants for about two months afterwards. That time I was smart enough not to weigh myself until about three months after he was born so it wasn't as depressing and I know that by about six or seven months post-partum I weighed less (about 15 pounds less) than I did when I got pregnant so I know it can be done, but today the numbers are so daunting.

It is exactly five months until our ten year wedding anniversary (unbelievable) so I figured today would be a good starting point for posting monthly on the progress. While I know I'm not supposed to diet until Julia is eating other foods I can make sure that I'm putting the best fuel possible into my body and I can step up the exercise beyond the daily walks. I'll keep you posted.


Iris said...

weight issues are always front and center in my head

I just don't have the will power to do much about it these days

emmaline said...

I think you're doing great! 15 pounds is no small feat, pregnancy weight or not. Plus, the spring weather (excluding today) will make you and your family want to be outside all the time!

And can I just say . . . TEN YEARS??? I am full of awe.

W. said...

10. years.

that is insanity.

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