Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Real Moms Contribution

I've been tagged for the Real Moms meme. Here goes...

  • Real Moms lead fulfilling lives from which they don't need to be rescued by singletons with fabulous social lives (though sometimes real moms peruse the classifieds and fantasize about the lives they would lead in lofts or one bedroom apartments downtown).
  • Real Moms Are horrified to hear themselves saying something their mother used to say that they swore they never would (though real moms have a new found respect and appreciation for their moms).
  • Real Moms Don't need to be judged by anybody else because chances are they are already judging themselves more harshly than anyone else would.
  • Real Moms worry like they never imagined they could pre-momdom - these babies came to me absolutely perfect and I'm only going to screw them up, please God let me not screw them up too bad.
  • Real Moms are incredibly proud of their children but are trying really hard not to be that mother that talks up her children ALL THE TIME.
  • Real Moms love to go for beers after work and don't even feel guilty (most of the time).
  • Real Moms appreciate peace and quiet but when they get it find it really quiet.
  • Real Moms forget what it is like to have any real privacy and completely understand why that place they babysat at when they were a teenager had locks on the outside of the kids doors (even if they wouldn't consider it themselves).
  • Real Moms don't think of themselves as real moms all the time because aren't real moms older than this?
  • Real Moms don't always follow the rules, e.g. no picture below even though the assignment specifically called for a picture.

My next job is to tag other moms for this as well, W., Nancy, you're up. Any lurking moms, it's time to de-lurk and respond to the challenge. Mum, I know you don't have a blog but I'm tagging you to respond via the comments, you too Jenn (if you're reading).


Mum said...

I don't write nearly as well as you do Cam, but real Moms never stopping being Moms even when they could have the luxury of selfishly spending time and money on themselves, they constantly worry about what their grandchildren might need or want.
I can easily relate to hearing the echo of your mother in things you say, I swore I'd never say things my mother did and to my horror I heard them oome out of my mouth sounding eerily the same.
Real Moms are probably much better at dealing with a sick child than I was though, I could not handle well being woken up by someone puking at my bedside, fortunately I had a wonderful real Dad on the other side of the bed who dealt with those things well.
Real Moms live with guilt their whole life, they should have been a better daughter, wife, mother, sister, grandmother, etc. etc. etc.
But all in all, I wouldn't trade being a real Mom for all the glamor and riches of the world as the sense of wonder as you watch your baby grow and take their first faltering steps whether it be physically walking or venturing out on their own, it is all worth it for the joy it brings to your heart and if you're very lucky you get to experience it all over again with your grandchildren

Cammy said...

That's beautiful Mum (thanks for making me tear up).