Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Neglected like a journal after January 10th

I'm a needy blog reader. When I had more time on my hands I would actually nag my fellow bloggers about why they didn't update more frequently (this was of course when they weren't my fellow bloggers because I didn't have a blog yet). I could totally relate when certain bloggers put others on probation for not updating - I mean really how hard could it be to come up with daily content to assuage my boredom or feed my procrastination? Now I know better. Even though I have enough content floating around in my head for a few weeks of entries (at least) I've been finding it hard to actually sit down and write something that anyone would want to read. As with anything else, the longer I wait the worse it gets - I imagine days turning into weeks and weeks turning into months with no entries any better than a mass email. Pretty soon I'LL end up on probation, or worse yet this blog will end up being like another failed attempt at keeping a journal (I don't know if I should use diary or journal, diary kind of makes me think of an eight year old girl and a pink book with lock and key hiding under a mattress so I'm going to go with journal for now). So to make resuming blogging a little less daunting, this is my small step, my entry that once I get through I'll be back on track.

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Nancy said...

It is a good first step.

I totally hear you about what to write and whether or not it will be interesting. Often while being nagged, I would think to myself, "Do they really want to know about baby poop? Cuz' that is the most exciting thing that happened to me today!"

I also felt the need to be funny....I got over it as you can see by previous posts.