Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yesterday Julia rolled over for the first time. I was not expecting it at all and am now going to have to be a lot more careful when I lay her on the bed, couch, etc. (don't worry she was on the floor when she figured it out and so far it's only happened once but I'm not going to chance it anyway).

She continues to grow like mad and I'm convinced it's at a faster pace than Hunter (I'll have to compare their height, weight, etc. at her next check up). I could just be imagining it because I want to hang onto the little baby a bit longer but below is a picture of Hunter in the same jammies Julia is wearing above and he was old enough to be using the jumper so he had to be at least three or four months old...Speaking of Hunter, this morning he let me sleep in (well kind of - he did pop in around 6 when he woke up and I sent him to play in his room until a more decent time) and when I woke up not only was he dressed in clothes that didn't clash, he had also already brushed his teeth for the day (wet toothbrush in the living room and bits of blue around his mouth to prove it) - he is definitely growing up.
I can't believe how fast this time at home is passing - I just want to slow the clock down and get better at cherishing every day because before I know it I'll be back at work (I know it's months a way but the first two and a half months have flown by and time seems to go at an inexplicable rate once there are children around to measure it by).


Anonymous said...

It's so easy to forget just when things happen, but Julia seems to have learned to roll over pretty young. Of course, I know she is extremely smart and I'm not even biased...

I was going to ask you after I read Emmeline's post if you had ever read any of those Richard North Patterson's. I haven't read any for a while, but he is a great writer and when I was able to get his books, they were really good.

James Patterson has started a new character as well, just finished it - another good one. I was getting a bit tired of Alex Cross, this one is a nice change and as usual his writing is so compelling. Check it out of the library and give it a try.


Cammy said...

I don't think I have - you know me I usually stay away from those type of American novels. I'll have to read one to see though. Good to hear about a new James Patterson - I like when he writes other characters.

Cammy said...

Oh yeah and about rolling over - I checked Hunter's baby book and he rolled over on April 8th so it seems they are going at about the same pace. She hasn't figured out how to do it again but she can get from her stomach to her side with relative ease - so close to being on her back but not quite.