Saturday, May 19, 2007

It Sodding Snowed

Not here, thank goodness (here it just went from +28 to +5 in a span of about three hours). But in Shellbrook where our sod was supposed to come from, they got 4cm of snow. This means we are now (fingers crossed) getting our sod delivered Thursday morning instead. It also means that we are really wishing we hadn't postponed our visit to Edmonton and Boyle for a week though by next week at this time after madly planting sod and figuring out how to time sprinklers while we're gone, we're probably really going to need it.

On the plus side, we have three days we didn't plan on to do other things. And there are plenty of other home improvement type things that need done - like finally getting the trim in Hunter's room painted white, finishing the paint job in the bathroom, finally toning down the colour in the spare room, the list could go on but we do only have three days and we don't want to spend them all inside painting.

In August we will have owned our house for five years. This means we have all sorts of fun mortgage renewal stuff coming up and also that we are at a point where we can no longer blame the previous owners for the scuffs on the hardwood floor, lino rolling up, or any of the other things we've been meaning to get to since we moved in. We're now to blame for the stuff we don't like so we either have to stop complaining about it or do something about it. Of course if home improvements were free, easy, and didn't take any time to complete I'm quite sure we would have everything just how we like it.

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Nancy said...

Dammit you mean you could have been here helping us rip out drywall!?!?!?! J/K it went all good! Can't wait to see you when you finally get here. Hopefully the weather will be better than it has been.