Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just Ranting

I totally get the rationale for crown corporations - natural monopolies with high infrastructure start up costs that decrease over time that also happen to provide a public good - but that doesn't mean I can't rage at a certain crown telephone company that has got to have the worst customer service ever. Our phone is basically non functioning every time it rains, is windy, or just generally storms. We've phoned them several times about this over the last number of years and finally got someone to come out on Monday because they could barely hear us when we phoned. Problem is they sent a trainee who wasn't sure what he was doing (I'm all for trainees, I just like them better when they are actually supported by like a trainer or something). Anyway, he showed up Monday looked around, disconnected all the filters in an attempt to improve the situation and basically made it so the phone is unusable. He thinks an important piece of the puzzle may be buried somewhere in the drywall but isn't sure where (I'm unclear how the problem could be inside when the phone static is predictable by the weather but what do I know). He did tell us that a supervisor would be coming by to have a look only that was three days ago and still no one has been here. Worst part is you can't threaten to switch companies though there is VOIP... I'll give them another day or so.

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