Wednesday, May 30, 2007


  • I love you, I love Daddy, I love Julia, I love McPurr ...
  • Grrr, you're driving me crazy
  • I'm not tired!!!
  • You're ruining my life (okay, he's only said this once but it stands out - it was over something silly like Jason telling him which shoes to wear)
  • Can you read me that story again?
  • I need someone to snuggle me.
  • Tell me that song again, no I'll tell it. Once upon a time there was a dinosaur...
  • I'm going to snuggle my sword tonight, okay mom?
  • You're my favourite mommy in the whole wide world.
  • What kind of day is it today? Is it a swimming day? A Lisa's day? A gymnastics day?
  • Ha ha ha butthead.
  • Actually, it's a pteranadon not a pteradactyl (or an ATV not a quad, or a sweater not a coat, or some other such correction)
  • Perhaps... e.g. Perhaps we should go to the park today.
  • I love you soo much. I love you to the sun and back.
  • Aww, cool.
  • I can do that.
  • I'm the fastest!
  • When I get bigger...
  • Want to race?
  • It's okay Julia, big brother is here.


Anonymous said...

Oh Why did you have to post those, I love it I read tehm twice but It really made me miss hearing him say them...I lvoe you guys

talk to u soon

Love Jason/Daddy

Anonymous said...

Really I can spell


Cammy said...

I of course forgot some because I was up way too late typing them. How about "it's a brand new day!!"?I was thinking you could hear his little voice say them if I typed them. We miss you too. Oh and don't worry about the typos - I don't think I've left a comment once where I didn't have one, I always wish I could edit them.

Chantelle said...

How cute is he... what a good big brother too :) Hope your time away was good. We'll have to get together sometime soon. This week is a bit busy though... Take care!

Cammy said...

It is - am still away for a few more days. Next week maybe?

Anonymous said...

Awwww . . . .